CULTURAL AND HERITAGE Night stay (1n/2d) around kolkata

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BAWALI, near Kolkata is home to towering temples and palatial mansions. The Mondal family set up residence in Bawali roughly around 1710, this marked the beginning of their dominance in the area.  The Mondals enjoyed the patronage of East India Company and built many temples turning the nondescript village into a temple town. You can plan to visit Bawali during your stay in Kolkata. A day tour or an overnight stay is ideal.

 Budge Budge, where this village is located houses many historical places which can be seen while visiting Bawali, like- Achipur: named after Tong Achew, a Chinese Tea Trader. This place is known as the first China Town of Kolkata.

Vivekananda Memorial: The nearby Ferry Ghat of Budge Budge greeted Swami Vivekananda in 1897 when he returned from his Chicago visit.Till date; this event is celebrated by the people of Budge Budge on 19th of February every year.

Other than these there are other places also which attracts the tourists, you can surely visit the places. Barood Ghar , Komagata Maru Memorial, Burul Bird Sanctuary.





The other name of Itachuna Rajbari is ‘ Bargee Danga’. The term has been derived from Bargee, which was a name given by the Bengalis to the Maratha warriors. There was a time when Maratha’s attacked Bengal repeatedly to collect tax. After the Maratha warriors stopped their attacks, many of them stayed back in Bengal and started their own trade. They amassed a lot of wealth. One of such Maratha warriors were the Kundans, now known as Kundu’s also settled here. The Itachuna Rajbari was built in 1766.


 It’s a place where you can go and just be yourself, where you can connect with nature and disconnect yourself from the material world. Here happiness is not only in spending money. One can fly kites on the terrace, listen to flute, sit under the starlit sky with the noise of the last passing train, soak in the music of the locals, smell the wet soil…..cosy bedrooms, clean washrooms, great food, unconditional smiling services will pamper you. 


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