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Purulia is the westernmost district of West Bengal with an all-India significance because of its tropical location, its shape as well as function like a funnel. It funnels not only the tropical monsoon current from the Bay to the subtropical parts of north-west India, but also acts as a gateway between the developed industrial belts of West Bengal and the hinterlands in Orissa, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

KHAIRABERA. The driving distance from Purulia to Khairabera Dam is only 67 km. On the slopes and at the fringe of the woods at Baghmundi nestle this beautiful tourist destination spot.

This is an Irrigation Dam in the midst of slopes and woods at Baghmundi. It is a delightful and charming spot with high possibility to be produced as an appealing visitor spot.

This spot goes about as an enchanting preoccupation for sightseers with its serenity, uneven geology, falls, streams, differing vegetation, thick vegetation and so forth. So, it is an outright enjoyment for nature beaus.

Its closeness to other sightseeing areas like Matha, Para, Sahebbandh, Deulghat, Cheliama and Baghmundi etc attract a lot of visitors as it is so appealing.

To experience human advancement during the 17th century, classicists and archeologist’s paradise, you can visit Cheliama a notable place in Khairabera which has loads of rich history in store for you. Tribal gatherings and rock climbing courses can be experienced at Matha, a 50-segment of Land Lake, Saheb Bandh acts like one of the secretive regions in Perugia

 Also, you can enjoy trekking/camping with food facilities and guide provided by us towards Baghmundi falls. Some of the local seasonal attraction and adventure you may come across here are the traditional Cockfighting, Blooming Polash festival, Bhadu festivals, Santal dance etc .You will be thrilled to hear the barking deer, peacock, bear, wild boar, leopards, elephants and Indian hyenas are found in the local areas of Ajodhya hills as well.

The unforgettable time you may spend on the banks of the Khairabera reservoir and watch the sun set over the vast expanse of the Purulia outback will always thrive you to come back again.



DAY ACTIVITIES: TREKKING, KAYAKING, Outdoor Games (Badminton,Volleyball,Basketball and Frisbee), Archery, Mountain Bicycling, Angling, Snorkeling, Splash Pool

NIGHT ACTIVITIES: BBQ by the lake, Night drive with spot light, Special Program:Chau Dance  with candle light dinner.

Site seeing: Upper dam+Lower dam, Magnificent  water falls

                   (Like Bamni false+Turga  falls +gangkocha falls),Ram temple, Murguma dam,Deulghat,

                   Charida.Mask Makers Village,Sita Kund, Ayodhya Hill.






GARPANCHAKOT: Garpanchkot 'garh' was a part of the Singh Deo dynasty of Panchkot located at the southern foothills and a group of temples are still standing as mute spectators of the rise and fall of the dynasty. The temples are of different architectural styles. 500 meters away and a bit uphill from the main ruins of the Garpanchkot, lies 'Dhara' a perennial spring channeled through a 'Cow mouth' made of stone.

Damodar Sekhar, established Panchkot Raj probably during early 90 AD with the help of Sardars of Jhalda and expanded his kingdom over several other parganas. To give recognition to the main five (panch) clans (khunt) of the locals the kingdom assumed the name Panchkot. Panchkot is locally known as Panchet,it was a part of an ancient East Indian kingdom known as Rajchakla Panchkot. Panchakot Raj was probably a part of Tilakampa Kingdom. Telkupi was the capital of Tilakampa Kingdom







DVC Park , Enjoy the sunset view from Panchet Dam Garh, Birinchi Mandir & Falls. Jaichandi Hill & Murardi Dam. Baronti Kalyaneswari Temple and Mithon Dam. At Mithon you can enjoy a picnic. Chinnamasta Temple at Disergarh Ghat. 

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