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DAY 1: Reach BILASPUR and transfer to hotel.

·        BILASPUR Bilaspur, city, north-central Chhattisgarh state, central India. It lies just west of the Arpa River in the central part of the Chhattisgarh Plain.

Bilaspur was the capital of a Gond kingdom until captured by the Marathas in the 18th century.


·        RATANPUR: It is famous for it's historical & religious importance. It is situated at 25 km. by road from Bilaspur. It was the capital of the Kalchurian kings & Marathas. Most attractive visitable places are:


1.MAHAMAYA TEMPLE :- It was constructed by Kalchurian king Ratansen. The temple has a pond in front, having ancient temples at the bank. It is a token of religious faith of the people.

2.RAMTEK :- It is another famous temple at the peek of a mountain constructed by Maratha king Bimbaji Bhonsle.

3.BADAL MAHAL :- Beside Ramtek temple, there ia an old fort known as Badal Mahal.


·        KHUNTAGHAT :- It is a dam situated at 12 km. by road from Ratanpur and 37 km. from Bilaspur. This dam is built on Kharoon river and used for the irrigation of whole area.





·        Malhar, which is of historical significance, as it was visited by Xuanzang, the Chinese historian. It is situated at 40 km. by road from Bilaspur. In Malhar, so many ancient temples have been found by extraction such as Pataleshwar temple, Devri temple and Dindeshwari temple. The four-handed idol of Lord Vishnu is also very famous. Malhar has a museum also.


·        SHIVRINARAYAN- It is also famous for it's religious importance. It is situated at 65 km. by road from Bilaspur. according to "Ramayan", Lord Ram has eaten the 'Ber' of Shabri at this place. This place has also some ancient temples as Narayan temple & Chandrachudeshwar temple. Shivrinarayan is also the meeting point of Mahanadi and Shivnath river.


·        TALA (DEORANI-JETHANI) It is also famous for it's archeological importance. It is situated at 30 km. by road from Bilaspura at the bank of Maniyari river. In Tala two ancient temples of Fifth Century  have been found by extraction which are Jethani temple & Devrani temple. Devranitemple is still in good condition. The main attraction of Tala is the ancient idol of Lord Shiva which is also of Fifth century. 





·        AMARKANTAK: It is also famous for it's religious importance. It is situated at 17 km. by train from Pendra Road and 140 km. from Bilaspur. Amarkantak has the origin point of holy rivers Narmada & Son. It's main visiting places are Narmada mai ka mandir, Narmada kund, Mai ki bagia etc. There are two famous and beautiful waterfalls also which  are  Kapildhara & Dudhdhara.



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