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Travel is about going Beyond the destinations. It's about knowing the place and people, their culture and returning back with a mind and heart full of memorable experiences. The joy of travelling increases when you get the right set of people to share the excitement.

The good point of a Ladies Travel group is that when we, the women travel in a “us only group” we feel secured and comfortable in each other’s company. We enjoy our freedom, shedding all thoughts which keeps us engaged every hour.

The Beyond Horizon Ladies Travel Group named TRAVEL GIRLS is for those wanderlust ladies who share common interest and are curious about the world.



Beyond Horizon has group tour for corporate women also.
As the working ladies get very little time for themselves these tours are like to be with their selves, out of the daily routine and tasks nurturing their hobbies,and passion thus rejuvenating their soul . 

We have also launched Corporate Mother Child duo tours.These tours help them to spend both quantity and quality time together that in turn helps them to know each other better thus strengthening the bond. A healthy and happy soul can execute works with ease.                                                                                                                                                         


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