Tours for School and College Students

Category: Educational and Activity Tours

Theme based activity tours make students aware of learning activities in everyday life, increases their knowledge and help them to understand their surround better there by creating a respect for environment and the past.


All our tours have been designed to promote a student’s Interpersonal and Intrapersonal growth.

Our Tours comprises of:

Heritage Tours: Every child must have some idea of his past, be it his family or the city in which he lives or of the nation. This helps them to be respectful and grounded. The tours are either Day tour or 2n-3n Tour. They include

·         Kolkata City Tour

·         Terracotta Tour

·         Historical Bengal Tour

·         Cultural Bengal Tour

·         Orissa Tour


Activity Based Tours: These tours promote Activity Based Learning (ABL), which helps to develop

·         Self Confidence

·         Assertiveness

·         Adaptability/Flexibility

·         Decisiveness

·         Trustworthiness

·         Physical Vitality and Stamina

·         Accepting responsibilities

·         Understanding the value of Team.


The Tours include: (2n or 3n Tour)

·         Trekking Tour

·         Nature Study Tour (Trekking, Medicinal Plantation/ Animal and Wildlife study)

·         Music/Dance Tour

·         Photographic Tour

·         Jungle Safari

·         Yoga Tour

·         Heritage Tea Tour:  Know the Tea Estate.

·         Village Discovery Tour: Discover the village life, know their food, their culture.

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