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Kolkata ,the former capital of British India, was previously known an Calcutta till 2001. It is an muster of three villages-Sutanuti,Gobindapur and Kolikata. Her situation on the east bank of River Hooghly provided a very suitable position for trade. The Port of Kolkata is India's oldest operating port and its sole major riverine port. The geographical setting, the craftsmanship and the alluvial land have lured the foreign traders from time to time and they established their settlement here. Together with them arrived their culture and religion. These diverse cultural assemblage have made Kolkata unique. The city has always welcomed all communities with open arms. The melting pot of various culture and communities, their various shades, flavor and sight has given Kolkata her present look.



Kolkata is home to several churches catering to different sects and sub – sects of Christianity. Apart from the well known Protestant and Catholic sects Kolkata also houses churches belonging to the Orthodox sect including Armenian, Syrian and Greek orthodox sub – sets.


A four hour tour to the well-known churches of Kolkata on a sunny Sunday will definitely give make you spiritually strong and perceptually clear about the culturally enriched Kolkata.




(Kolkata Cemetery Tour)


A spooky yet intetellectually stimulating experience as you “unearth” the realms of the long gone through the cemeteries of Kolkata.

In this guided tour, you will explore the colonial cemeteries of Kolkata with us, each of them housing graves of unique and special people.

In the interest of curiosity let’s not disclose the names of the cemeteries now!!  You will visit the grave of the man who was traditionally known as the founder of Kolkata, the grave of famous Indologist, the grave of the son of English novelist, the grave of Ruskin Bond’s father the Commonwealth Burial of First World War and Second World War and many more.



Kolkata is a land of heritage. Each and every corner of the city has a story to say, keep two of your sense organs  open and the city will never cease to amaze you!! South Kolkata Heritage Tour starts from getting to know the Zamindar from whom the British East India Company got the lease of three villages for an annual rent of Rs. 1,300 followed by the Heritage buildings and temples along the bank of Adi Ganga, (old Ganges),whose holy water once blessed the inhabitants of Kolkata and served as an outlet to the Bay of Bengal. Let’s explore the rich history and unique architecture together.




The ever-vital hub of traditional Bengali culture,”the native’s area”, the stretch from Sovabazar to College Street is all this and much more. This area contains a fascinatingly cosmopolitan blend of seemingly odd architectural forms (from Islamic to Baroque, from Victorian to Bengali).The area which was the settlement of the British initially gave way to the dwellings of the city’s wealthy Bengalis.

If you want to relish the authentic flavor of Bengali culture and cuisine then this tour is a “not to be missed” by you!!!.




The city of Kolkata has always welcomed every community with great affection. The city has witnessed many more communities in the past than most others in todays globalized present.

 In this tour you can trace the origins and remains of the varied communities who with all right and love call Kolkata their home. This tour is recommended to get a glimpse of the cultural mosaic of the city. 




The country is full of rivers, channels, streams, swamps, marshes and morasses. River Hooghly have been a part of Kolkata’s life line for many years. It provided the perennial supply of water and was navigable and acted as a major transport system in the region with a large traffic flow. For a long time, the Calcutta Port was the biggest port of India. Although in the past its significance had gone down, recently it has reached the 3rd position in the list of Indian Ports. 


River Cruises are held on the River Hooghly four times a day, avail anyone to enjoy the beauty of this river. The beauty changes with the changing hour of the day.


BOAT MUSEUM (except Saturday,Sunday and other National and State Holidays)

In a water bound country like India water boating has always been the principal means of all the purpose of life. A visit to the Boat Museum in Kolkata, the only one in its kind in the whole of India will make our River Cruise tour complete.


Boats have been an integral part of Bengal history and culture we have references to the boats from 6th C BCE onwards. The Boat Museum contains 46 scale models of boats and ships dating back to the days of Indus Valley Civilization and covering areas from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Bangladesh.


KOLKATA CITY TOUR ( Both Half day and Full Day)


Visit the Colonial,Rennaisance,Native, Culural Confluence,Bazar Kolkata together with Kolkata’s own Kali Ma. Those who have less time in hand can surely opt for our Half Day tour where you will get the glimpse of places which have enriched the city ,and thus are Kolkata’s very own.

A Full Day city tour will surely make you fall in love with the city.




Following the Holy Path of Ramakrishna Vivekananda: A Tour to Purify your mind and soul. Spend a day visiting the places which have become famous by the auspicious presence of these great souls.


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