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WEST BENGAL is the land of rivers.These rivers are the veins of the state.From time immemorial they have served as the essential lifeline to the people.A number of tourist destinations have opened up along these rivers,which bestow a quite stay together with a grand view of the river 





Just 51  km driving distance out of the city on the bank of River Hooghly you get to see the spectacular landscape at Raychak.

The fort gradually fell into ruins and was converted to a lively 5-star hotel, Raichak on Ganges

The hotel has a scenic view of the river. Those who are more adventurous can make also use the Raichak jetty or the nearby Nurpur jetty and take a ferry across the river to go to Kukrahati in  East Medinipur district or Gadiara in Howrah District.




It is in the southern suburbs of Kolkata, on the eastern banks of the Hooghly River quite near where the river meets the Bay of Bengal. This small town is a popular weekend tourist spot located in South 24 Parganas district.

Earlier known as Hajipur, this charming place was named Diamond Harbour by the British although currently there are no piers or jetties at this location, except for the ruins of a fort. It used to be considered a safe resting spot for oceangoing ships and offered a spectacular view of the river. After the Rupnarayan River joins the Hughli, the river bends south and widens out to a form a huge expanse of water. A little further down, the Haldi river joins it.

In earlier days Diamond Harbour used to be a stronghold of Portuguese pirates The ruins of the fort of Chingrikhali (locally known as Purano Kella) can still be seen. It is believed to be linked with the Portuguese but some opine that the East India Company built it before they could establish themselves in Kolkata. There is an old lighthouse nearby. 




Beside the west bank of River Rupnarayan,a bright town Kolaghat is known as the gate way of the district Purba Medinipur. One of the newest tourist destination, Kolaghat, invite the incumbent tourists into a relaxed abode. Kolaghat has opened itself to tourism and is being touted as one of the most upcoming weekend destinations close to Kolkata. It is located just 54 kilometres from our city.






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